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I’ve used Stuart three times now and he’s always been reliable. His price is right and he and his assistants are fast. Definitely recommend.

Ryan H. (San Francisco, CA)

Stuart and his crew were life savers! The moving company we had contracted weeks before stood us up the morning of our move.  We were so worried we weren’t going be able to get out of our apartment on our move out date and have to pay double rent, as most moving companies were not willing to accomodate our same day move request.  Stuart said we would be willing to squeeze us in after one of his afternoon jobs.  And there they were, five hours after our original movers didnt show up, the English Gents came to the rescue.  It took them 2.5 hours to load and unload our entire apartment filled with some very heavy furniture pieces.  We can not thank them enough.  Stuart was not part of the moving crew, but we got the chance to meet him since our new apartment happened to be literally right next door to his house.  So we got to meet our new neighbor, who also coincidentally saved us from an awful situation.  Thanks again guys, we cant recommend them enough.  Very efficient, affordable and enjoyable experience.

Kevin L. (San Francisco, CA)

What a dream come true.  Moving can be a nightmare, but not with English Gents.   They wrapped and move us with ease.  These guys were honest. priced competitively, polite, and most importantly VERY careful with our belongings.  There wasn’t a scratch on the walls or floors when all was done.

“Gents” is the perfect way to describe these movers, each person was nicer than the next. We highly recommend them to the Bay area for any size move. They came to us via a friend’s recommendation and we had a much larger house.  We will use them again the next time we move.

Thanks guys!

B.K (San Francisco, CA)

We hired English Gents to move us last April. We had two difficult circumstances…one was that our entire place had to be packed in the truck, driven to the new location, and unpacked in the space of about four hours. The other was that our new location has an old school SF elevator, i.e. TINY, and we were moving to the 11th floor. These guys got the job done in time, even though they had to walk our furniture up eleven flights of stairs to do so.
I was so grateful for them…hiring them to move us was SO worth it!!! They took so much of the stress out of our move and it didn’t hurt that the guys were super nice and accommodating to boot. Now that I’ve gone and hired them, I’ll never move myself again. EVER!

Chaka K. (San Francisco, CA)

I used this moving service nearly 3 years ago when I moved here, and just received a business card from him in the mail.

If you’re looking for an efficient, affordable mover, be sure to give him a ring. Stuart came with another guy, and they moved all the furniture from my sister’s apartment in the inner Richmond (living room, kitchen and bedroom), to my new apartment in North Beach, in two hours. It was $200 for the two of them, with tip. Not bad. They also drove me in their moving van from one apt to the next because I didn’t have my own transportation, so that was nice of them

Serena L. (San Francisco, CA)

I hired Stuart and his crew to move my stuff 8 blocks – kind of ridiculous, but there were some heavy items involved. They were exactly 2 minutes early (pretty impressive for an early Saturday morning move) and jumped right in. Stuart and his guys were incredibly friendly, extremely efficient and just the nicest people you’d want moving your precious goods. They wrapped everything up for me – even taped the boxes I had forgotten to seal. Still, they somehow managed to move everything in under an hour.

I would highly recommend these guys any day. Hard-working AND good at what they do. Thanks, Stuart!

S.J (San Francisco, CA)

Best move ever!
Stuart and his team were really on top of things. We really appreciated them to be so professionals. They really took care of our precious and family furniture, they were really carefull (they were wrapping all our stuff as it was raining), very nice, in a good mood, very respecteful. We had such a bad experience with Starving students before that we were concerned but as soon as they got to our place and started to work, we noticed the difference and were really feeling great.
A team you can really trust!

Florence F. (San Francisco, CA)

I really can’t praise these guys enough for all the tremendous work they did helping me move my business. It turned out to be a 13-hour day, with a TON of stuff to move into storage, and a ton going to the dump. These guys didn’t complain once. They’re all super nice and sociable, accommodating, and want more than anything to get the job done right. Stuart, the boss, doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to loading up his truck/storage units. He takes his time to make sure everything is safely put away, maximizing the limited space we had.

So, 13 hours of work moving an office. We were all exhausted. Paid via Square on Stuart’s phone. Then we realize we totally missed a room that had a ton of office chairs meant for the dump. DOH!…but not a problem. Stuart and his team were back the following morning to pick them up free of charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if other movers would have simply taken the payment and been on their way, leaving me with this extra problem. Not English Gents, though. Thanks for everything guys. You rock.

Daniel M. (San Francisco, CA)

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